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Customized COVID-19 testing for your workplace

PCR Testing - Reduce asymptotic exposure and spread

Rapid Testing - Get results in a matter of minutes

Insurance Testing - Use your company health
insurance to get your people tested

Rapid Molecular Testing - Get results in minutes

About Us

S A F E AND S A N I T A R Y is a Los Angeles based company dedicated to providing access to testing, PPE and COVID Compliance Staffing for local businesses both big and small. We were established to help serve an emerging population in the event, film, production, schools, sports and entertainment industry during the Global Pandemic to find a way to get back to normalcy. Our experience is in providing solutions to both people and businesses is unparalleled. We support communities and businesses that are thriving and have been struggling to figure out ways to protect there Staff, Crew, Students and Essential Workers by providing them with Testing, PPE, Occupancy and Professional Support.

PCR Testing

Reduce Asymptomatic Exposure and Spread

PCR testing helps identify the presence of virus within the body. We supply either on- site testing solutions to test your employees or off-site testing depending on your needs. All of our COVID-19 testing in Los Angeles is done through nasal swabs or saliva samples and read by a CLIA- accredited lab. Results are all read and delivered by healthcare professionals.


Get results in a matter of minutes

Rapid antigen testing is a newer technique in which the surface proteins of the virus are tested with much faster response. While it is not as accurate as PCR testing it takes only 15 minutes. Total Testing Solutions can provide on-site or off-site testing with results in as fast as 20 minutes from testing.


Get results in a matter of minutes

We now offer rapid molecular testing on-site. This allows you full genetic testing for viral DNA within 1 hour of taking the specimen. Rapid testing is done using loop mediated isothermal amplification and has been shown in studies published by the National Health Institute to be just as accurate as traditional PCR testing. We can now offer screening using this technology AT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS with results in as little as 30 minutes.


Help your employees feel safe at work

Antibody testing measures your bodies response to previous infections and gives insight into possible future COVID-19 immunity. We help organize a phlebotomist to come to your workplace to take samples and ship them to a CLIA-Certified lab that has been validated by the FDA.


Get your employees vaccinated today!

Don't rely on your employees to go get their flu-shots, let us come to you and make sure the workplace is safe! Influenza vaccines will be more important than ever this season as many who get the flu will be unsure if they are infected with SARS-CoV-2. This could lead to unwanted call outs and decreased productivity. We are here to help. Inquire here for pricing and availability.


1. Employee Safety - By testing your employees routinely you will keep the safest work environment possible during this unprecedented time.

2. Customer Safety- Ensuring your employees are constantly tested helps improve the safety of your customers.

3. Improved productivity - Keeping your employees at work will help continue your productivity. With on-site testing you can get your employees back to work quickly when they are feeling ill.

4. Edging out the competition -With frequent testing you will set yourself apart from your competitors.

5. Compliance and Liability - Frequent testing keeps you ahead of the curve. Your employees will be working in the safest possible environment leaving you with less liability.