Covid Bubble Occupancy with Safe & Sanitary LLC

"Covid Bubble Occupancy - A new normal for the Media & Entertainment industry"
Safe & Sanitary LLC offering luxurious locations perfect for your production

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the media and entertainment industries. Many of the films and television series were cancelled, causing thousands of people to lose their jobs. This demanded a change; a new viewpoint on things that can bring this sector back up to speed. Safe & Sanitary LLC recognizes these concerns and has implemented a solution to solve the industry's health concerns by giving a properly cleaned and safe tenancy.


At Safe & Sanitary, we work to ensure the safety of our clients. Choose the service that best fits your requirements and call us today so we can be of service.

1. CBO - All In One

Our All In One Package covers it all

  • Luxurious Locations for your Production needs
  • Covid Testing on arrival.
  • PPE Kits
  • Covid Compliance Officer to ensure that all the SOPs are being observed at all times

2. CBO - House Your Cast & Crew

We understand how difficult it is to find a location that is suitable for the entire cast and crew. Safe & Sanitary LLC is now offering exquisite accommodations with sanitization and safety standards for the first time. Take a look at all available properties and pick one of them for your team, while checking safety and occupancy off your list.


Explore all the rentals we offer to house your cast & crew in luxury & style.